Why Start IoT?

Norway needs to digitize faster. Norway needs new industries for growth. Telenor believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the key technologies that will shape the future.

That is why we have launched Telenor Start IoT for developers, students and entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas so that new industries can thrive. With a community of IoT experts, the technology can reach its true potential for growth.

Join us in shaping the future together!

What is Start IoT?

Telenor Start IoT offers an opportunity to develop prototypes of future IoT solutions. We provide fast and easy access to IoT devices, the network and the enablement platform for testing and exploration. Together, we are a self-driven community of developers, students, hobbyists and entrepreneurs in Norway working actively in the field of IoT, sharing our knowledge and experience.

Are you a student interested in IoT development? Are you a hobbyist or an entrepreneur willing to learn more, develop something new and get your ideas into production? Find out more and be a part of our Start IoT community!

Let's get started

There´s no better time to start than right now! Sign up for Telenor Start IoT as a member or read more about how you can put your IoT ideas to work!

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