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A golf course has to look pristine - it is part of the golf experience. Yet, for the greenkeeper, varying soil and grass conditions can make the job harder than it has to be. To solve that problem, a new monitoring device is ready for Norway’s greens to stay on par.

Golfers are insanely interested in having mint conditions on the grass turf, especially in the area around the flag. In order to make it easier for the greenkeeper to follow up on the maintenance cycle, it is important to monitor the air and soil temperatures as well as humidity and solar radiation. Together with Tromsø Golf Course the Telenor Start IoT team has designed a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) device that will do just that.

Just as important is the ability to monitor the acidity levels of the irrigation water, and we developed a device that can do that as well. The IoT solution also includes a dedicated user interface for the greenkeeper who can monitor the conditions on all the greens based on the time series for monitored parameters. It´s a simple idea and one that can be applied to optimal management of all sorts of greens – from glasshouse research sanctuaries, to large scale crop farms.

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