Enablement Platform

Telenor Start IoT offers MIC (Managed IoT Cloud) as an enablement platform that will make it easy for you to get started creating your own IoT services using its built in Dashboard editor with click and drag widget functionality. The MIC platform is built on top of AWS IoT and is a self-served portal for provisioning of devices. MIC will also store all data received from your devices and comes with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowing you to interact with the platform as a developer. It is also possible to process and analyze the stored data in several ways using built in functionality or through APIs.

You can sign up for the MIC enablement platform here:


A quick start user manual for Managed IoT Cloud platform can be found here:

and the Managed IoT Cloud API documentation can be found here:

The appURL for Telenor Start IoT is: startiot.cc.telenorconnexion.com

The cc-frontend-vue example in the Github repository: https://github.com/TelenorStartIoT/Workshop-17-03-06/tree/master/cc-frontend-vue? shows you how to use the Managed IoT Cloud API.


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