Hi Steffen

I’ve written a control application for a Wallas heater on an D1 Mini NodeMcu WIFI ESP8266. The application is communicating with a MQTT broker on a Raspberry PI via MQTT over WIFI. I bought the StartIOT Arduino MKR NB 1500 Dev-Kit to build a communication solution to control the application from remote. The Raspberry PI and the Arduino MKR NB 1500 will communicate over USB. This is nearly solved. So all Arduino stuff is familiar.

The real problem is that the UBlox modem deny to answer SerialSARA AT Commands. Power off/on MKR NB 1500 and/or reset button activating does not resolve what I consider is a deadlock or a serious HW/Firmware error.

One possible problem can be that I tried a SMS-Send sketch without knowing the PIN. Maybe I have to get PUK2 to resolve that.

I hope you can give me a way to get the MKR NB 1500 working.

Regards Eystein L.

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