Thanks, this is indeed what I am doing. I have a rule that ALWAYS is true, and I am trying to use the Webhook in order to do GET request to another server.

This is what I was trying:

1. I have a URL for a third party server which contains key/value pairs just like any standard GET request

2. I choose GET from the pulldown menu (the choices are as expected GET / PUT / DELETE / POST)

3. I leave Response Path and Message blank

4. I leave Authorization header value blank

However when I click UPDATE to save this Action, I get an error message:

“Error when validating attributes for WebhookRuleAction – undefined. “body” is required”

Problem 1. An HTTP GET method does not need a body, in fact the relevant RFC seems to say it should not have a body at all. So this requirement for a body for the GET request seems incorrect?

Problem 2. The “Pick Action” form does not have an entry for BODY. I am guessing that the “Message” field is supposed to be used for the BODY?

Any help would be appreciated. An actual working example of a webhook rule even more so!

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