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    As described in point 7 in the LoPy quick start guide. Not possible to select ‘file’ as widget type.

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     Arne Munch-Ellingsen 

    Please specify in more detail what the problem is. I just tested the following and it worked as it should:
    1) Created a new thingtype
    2) Created a new thing in the thingtype created in 1)
    3) Clicked on the thing (to enter the dashboard for the thing) and added a widget of type “Files”.

    The “Files” widget correctly displays the configuration file (actually a complete program) for the LoPy.

    Telenor Start IoT team

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    Same problem here. I have created a “New Thing Type” and added a “Thing”. In the “+ Widget” section where is only four options:

    Thing Credentials
    Pie Chart Histogram
    Things Map Aggregations

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     Arne Munch-Ellingsen 

    If you only see “Thing Credentials, Pie Chart Histogram, Things Map Aggregations and Events” you are trying to add a widget to the “Thing type” dashboard. You need to add a widget to the “Thing” dashboard in order to be able to create a widget of type “Files”. Refresh the “Thing type” dashboard and you should see a list of things. Click on the newly created thing in order to enter the thing dashboard.

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    Never got my thing #1 to work, but I added thing #2. When clicking thing #2 I was able to add a widget of type file

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    Suddently it worked. I was not able to click directly on the “Thing” before, but after refreshing the browser a number of times i got a error, something like “device not found”. Then I logged out and in and it worked.

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     Arne Munch-Ellingsen 

    Ok, the “device not found” and some other spurious error messages is a known problem. The reason is that with several minutes with inactivity you will be automatically logged out but the GUI does not handle this gracefully 🙁

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    Had the same problem. If I click on the ID for “thing” #1 i get the message:

    No data available
    Most likely this thing has not connected yet

    Creating a 2nd “thing” gave the correct result.

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    Annoying bug indeed! Trapped in the same problem.
    The forum was useful. Creating a second “Thing” worked for me as well. Would be nice to document the bug in the guide 😉

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