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    Hi Start IoT,

    My Pycom + fipi system is up and running, sending real humid and temp data to the Managed IoT Cloud, but after a while, I always get this massage (see below) and the system stop sending data to MIC.

    CRIT coap_send_impl: Not enough space
    Caugh exception: Sending message failed!

    Have you experienced this problem before? If yes, what is the solution to this?

    Best regards


    Hi Marius,

    Thanks for sharing!
    We have not seen this so far. This sounds like a typical memory-leak problem. If this is a problem with the CoAP library we will have to notify Pycom about it. Could you give us more information about the approximate size of each payload, how often you send and how long it takes before you get this exception? Thanks!

    – Pontus

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