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    I frequently observe the following exception messages on the startiot page:

    search phase execution exception

    elastic search error

    I’m trying to figure out of this is a problem on my end or on the startiot page. The elastic search errors read something like “[es_rejected_execution_exception] rejected execution of org.elasticsearch.transport.TransportService”. A bit of google-fu suggests that this (and the search_phase_execution_exception) means the bulk operations queue might be full? Something to do with ElasticSearch I guess. I don’t entirely understand what the problem (or solution) is, but I hope it can be resolved.

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     Arne Munch-Ellingsen 

    That does not look good. I checked a bit on your account and saw this error message:

    Illegal argument exeption: Expected numeric types on field [state.temp], but got [string] and Illegal argument exeption: Expected numeric types on field [state.temp1], but got [keyword]

    It could indicate that your uplink transform is messing things up a bit and that elastic search goes bananas as a result.

    I will look more into it.

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    That illegal argument exception pops up occasionally, but not as often as the elasticsearch errors. It isn’t really repeatable or consistent either, i.e. it sometimes shows up but for different variables defined in the uplink transform.

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