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    I have an fipy with kinda old firmware I think, I get error trying to upload the code here:
    The errors I get is these:

    File “”, line 1, in <module>
    File “/flash/lib/”, line 3, in <module>
    ImportError: cannot import name Coap
    Pycom MicroPython 1.18.1.r7 [v1.8.6-849-d1c5ea9] on 2018-12-17; FiPy with ESP32

    So I wonder if I should update firmware on the device, but all links here, and in the guide just redirects to the mainpage for pycom,
    so -> etc

    I read a bit about the firwmare stuff here and but this isn’t quite clear 🙂
    It looks like there is firmware for the modem, board, and the expansion board?

    Since it doesn’t find Coap module, does that mean my device is in nbiot mode?, is it possible to read from the device if it has the nbiot or lte-m firmware active?


    Followed this and installed newer firmware: and got some pybytes 1.20.2.r1
    Your modem is in application mode. Here is the current version:

    So uploaded the code again, but now are getting bootloop and coredumps:

    ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57
    rst:0xc (SW_CPU_RESET),boot:0x12 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
    configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
    mode:DIO, clock div:1
    ho 0 tail 12 room 4
    entry 0x400a05bc
    Smart Provisioning started in the background
    See for details
    Running example code…
    Modem in using LTE-M firmware (UE5.0.0.0d/LR5.1.1.0-39529).
    Started connecting to the network…
    > AT+CFUN=0
    >> OK
    > AT!=”clearscanconfig”
    >> OK
    > AT!=”addscanfreq band=20 dl-earfcn=6352″
    >> OK
    > AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”telenor.iotgw”
    >> OK
    > AT+CFUN=1
    >> OK
    > AT+CSQ
    >> +CSQ: 99,99
    >> OK
    Retrieving assigned IP…
    > AT+CGPADDR=1
    >> +CGPADDR: 1,”″
    >> OK
    Device IP:
    Sending data: {“humidity”: 62.96875, “temperature”: 25.9375}
    abort() was called at PC 0x4009862a on core 1c
    ELF file SHA256: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    Backtrace: 0x400907bb:0x3ffd98c0 0x4009093d:0x3ffd98e0 0x4009862a:0x3ffd9900 0x4009864a:0x3ffd9920 0x4009893a:0x3ffd9940 0x40083e02:0x3ffd9970 0x40083a69:0x3ffd9990 0x4000bec7:0x3ffd99b0 0x400eed20:0x3ffd99d0 0x40101d75:0x3ffd9a70 0x400fe12d:0x3ffd9aa0 0x400fe1bd:0x3ffd9ac0 0x4010a177:0x3ffd9ae0 0x40101e1c:0x3ffd9b80 0x400fe12d:0x3ffd9bb0 0x400fe1bd:0x3ffd9bd0 0x4010a177:0x3ffd9bf0 0x40101e1c:0x3ffd9c90 0x400fe12d:0x3ffd9cc0 0x4010a0e9:0x3ffd9ce0 0x40101e1c:0x3ffd9d80 0x400fe12d:0x3ffd9de0 0x400fe15a:0x3ffd9e00 0x400e1629:0x3ffd9e20 0x400e18cd:0x3ffd9ec0 0x400e0154:0x3ffd9ee0


    So, the device came with 1.18.1.r7 which does not contain Coap as the example uses.
    After chatting with pycom they could tell me that the firmware 1.20.1 was the first to introduce Coap module.

    But installing the newest version only gives me coredump messages, but reverting to 1.20.1 makes things work.


    Thank you,

    The links have been updated in the tutorial.
    Glad you found out that board firmware version 1.20.1 works! Its unclear to us if and why the CoAP library would cause core dups in newer versions. It is also correct that the CoAP library was introduced later, so any board firmware version before 1.20.1 will not work with our CoAP example.



    Great post.

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