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    First, thanks for a great initiative. I work in Storekeeper, a firm that works within energy analytics and management. I am currently involved in a project where we are thinking about using a sensor that supports the new NB-IoT net. The sensor uses the Quectel module BC95 (http://www.quectel.com/product/bc95.htm). What frequency will the net operate on, 800, 850, 900?


    Best wishes,
    Alexander Severinsen
    Data scientist @ Storekeeper

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     Arne Munch-Ellingsen

    First: Note that the Start IoT initiative currently does not support NB-IoT devices. When Telenor Norway deploys a commercial NB-IoT network we will start supporting NB-IoT.

    To your question, the NB-IoT network in Telenor Norway will support LTE800 (channel 20, 800MHz)

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     Alexander Severinsen


    Thank you for your note. Does that mean that the Quectel module BC95-B20 will be compatible to the Telenor NB-IoT? Do you know when you will be opening the network for testing purposes? It is already possible at Telia…

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     Arne Munch-Ellingsen

    For further details related to Telenor Norway´s NB-IoT network you will have to contact: Sofia.Trope@telenor.com

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