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    Hi! My name is Robert Colvin and I’m really excited to be joining the Start IoT crew as a Technical Expert!

    As part of my role I am jumping into the forums to answer as many of your questions on Telenor’s IoT services – if you would like to reach me directly, just include @telenor and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

    In way of introduction, I am an electrical engineer and software developer with a particular passion for embedded systems, combined with 10 years of cellular connectivity experience with Ericsson, it is only natural that I have found my home in IoT. Over the years I have developed many IoT solutions and prototypes – from the fun and wacky (Connected Pizza Boxes on Speed Boats!) to more practical (remote sensor systems). In this time I have also provided IoT training courses.

    My experience with Telenor IoT extends more than 5 years now, with the majority of those as a customer learning and using MIC and Connectivity – so I know what it’s like to be getting started!

    With all that said, whatever your question whether it be hardware, firmware, backend, frontend or integrations; if you need some help or advice selecting hardware or cellular options.. anything Telenor IoT related I’m here to help. And if you have a suggestion on how to make Start IoT better, I’m happy to hear that too!

    I’ll see you in the forums!

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