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    Both using Atom and FTP I have major problems syncing files to the LoPy. I end up just running the code from Atom, but when restarting the LoPy I off course lack my code. Have any of you the same experience, and have you found a fix?

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     Arne Munch-Ellingsen 

    Not sure why you are having problems with FTP. It works without problems for me. The LoPy announces a WiFi network. You can attach to this network and use ftp to transfer your python code (as to the flash directory on the Lopy. I believe the WiFi password is and the user/password for ftp is micro/python.

    Using mpfshell is also an option (over USB):

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    The FTP connection should work fine, provided you have configured the LoPy to connect to your local WiFi, and you have enough of a signal to your router.

    One gotcha I came across, is that there is only one ftp connection possible at any given time, and only a subset of protocol commands are implemented – this seems to confuse a couple of modern clients. A plain old ftp client worked best for me.

    I’m using the following script to up local files to device:

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     Simon Carr

    The WIFI password is `

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