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    I have tried to have my FiPy send data to one our own sever via NB-IoT.
    I tried to change the IP address in the libraryo

    IOTGW_IP = '' # Telenor IoT Gateway IP address

    I changed to our own server-IP.

    We have Node Red server with listening. I should mention that I’m not sure the Node Red server is 100% correct set up for the Coap, but I was also watching activity on our firewall in front of the server and I could not detect any activity relating from my device.



    Change the APN variable from telenor.iotgw to telenor.iot. This is located on the line above, here:

    The telenor.iotgw APN is a private APN separated from the internet, so you can’t connect to anything other than the “IoT Gateway” ( By switching to the public APN telenor.iot you can connect to your own server.



    That did it, now it works,
    Thank you!


    Glad it works! 🙂

    Keep in mind that you are now sending data packets over the internet, unencrypted. By switching back to the private APN telenor.iotgw you can safely transfer data while using CoAP.

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