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    This example
    shows how to create an Time Series widget, but time series is not listed?
    Also, when I add something else, I cannot choose my resource (temperature) but are getting “connection_status” as the only option?

    I see connection status is part of the payload, does that mean that the example sends data in wrong format?

    Payload: b'[{“reported”:{“humidity”:38,”temperature”:24,”tcxn”:{“connection_status”:2}}}]’


    Copied the dashboard, and got into the thing, sort of (not quite sure), then I found Time series as one of the widgettype, but not possible to chose the temperature property.
    BUT, I could change the widget that was there before to be an timeseries widget, that works, so I guess it must be something wrong in the MIC?

    (btw, slack was better since one easily could paste pictures to illustrate what is going on.. )

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