You need three main components to build an IoT use-case



The T in IoT. Devices (Things) that measure and collect data about its environment. The range of IoT devices vary significantly in functionality, size and complexity depending on the use case.



The I in IoT. A network connection that enables devices to communicate the data they have collected. Telenor offers two cellular networks specifically tailored for IoT use cases; NB-IoT and LTE-M.


Data & Analytics Platform

An IoT platform is a complex system for receiving, managing and storing data from the devices. Telenor Managed IoT Cloud is an out-of-the-box solution for you to get started immediately.

We will help you to get started with IoT giving you free demo access to both our cellular IoT network and Managed IoT Cloud platform (MIC). You can also buy a cloud ready development kit with sensors.

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Hardware + Connectivity + Platform

We have prepared two types of IoT development packages for you to quickly get started. They contain everything you need, including cables, a simple sensor (temperature and humidity) and a SIM card for sending your data.


Telenor Start IoT provides users with up to five IoT SIM cards for free. Each SIM card comes with a data package of 50 MB, which can be freely used during a timespan of five months.


Telenor Managed IoT Cloud is a cloud-based platform where your IoT data is received, stored, organised and exposed though APIs. You can also create data visualisations in the standard web-based dashboard. Telenor Start IoT offers businesses access to a free demo account in Managed IoT Cloud for five months.

NB: To receive the free account you have to write the name of your company in the sign-up form, otherwise your account request will be denied.

Build on APIs

Through the Managed IoT Cloud APIs you can build custom tailored applications for your specific use-case. Anything is possible, from smartphone and web applications to complex system integrations. The online documentation can be found here ⇥

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