• Hi,

    It is difficult for me to know what the problem is exactly, but it might have something to do with your file settings.

    First of all, I would check if the certificate files are in the cert folder.

    If they are, check that your file settings allow the .pem format. You can check this by going to “all commands” > “global settings” and check…[Read more]

  • New update: I figured it out!

    I used a sequence in the REPL that I find fixes almost anything, and after this it worked.

    >>>from network import LTE
    >>>lte = LTE()

    Hope this can be helpful for someone else as well. :)…

  • Hi!

    I am programming my FiPy to send UDP packages over the NB-IoT network and therefore trying to get the IMSI number from the SIM card installed.
    I am using AT commands in the REPL:

    >>> from network import LTE
    >>> lte = LTE()
    >>> lte.send_at_cmd(“AT+CIMI”)

    I have tried changing to another SIM card, but remained unsuccessful in…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your input. The REPL commands did the trick. 🙂

  • I’m having trouble attaching my fipy to the lte-m network..
    It just says Attaching… and does not get any further.
    I have tried several SIM cards, expansion boards and antennas, but nothing seems to work.
    Anyone have any ideas what I can try next?