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The IoT start-up package is free of charge and there is no usage costs involved. You can use up to four ‘IoT on 4G’ enabled SIM cards for 12 months, given that you do not exceed a maximum of 50 Mbyte IoT on 4G traffic. Free use of the MIC platform is also part of the deal..

Choose between three devkits:
The Arduino MKR1500 supports NB-IoT and Cat M1 since it uses a UBlox Sara N4 modem. Arduino has developed a library for this module that makes it easy for Arduino programmers to get started.

The Pycom Fipy is a great devkit if you are familiar with the programming language Python and want a unit that supports different types of IoT related networks (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Cat M1, WiFi, Bluetooth, Sigfox).

The EE Ublox Sara N210/211 breakout is a serial port breakout of the modem itself. It does not come with a controller (MCU). This allows you to use an MCU of your choice. It comes with an Arduino library that can be used with Arduino units as the controller. This devkit supports NB-IoT only.

MIC platform


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