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Telenor Start IoT aims to reduce time to market and stimulate the IoT ecosystem with partners. Take a look to see if there is someone who can help you and get in touch to be introduced.

Nordic Semiconductor


Nordic Semiconductor is a Norwegian fabless semiconductor company specializing in wireless communication technology that powers the Internet of Things (IoT). Nordic was established in 1983 and has more than 1000 employees across the globe. Our award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy solutions pioneered ultra-low power wireless, making us the global market leader. Our technology range was later supplemented by ANT+, Thread and Zigbee, and in 2018 we launched our low power, compact LTE-M/NB-IoT cellular IoT solutions to extend the penetration of the IoT. The Nordic portfolio was further complemented by Wi-Fi technology in 2021.

Zmart Edge


ZmartEdge is a provider of IoT hardware for Smart Asset Management in off-grid and demanding locations.

ZmartEdge Remote Terminal Units (Zmart RTUs) are connected to cloud using NB-IoT, and offer long battery times, smart power managements of industry sensors, and edge computing capability.

ZmartEdge offers Market driven technology development and solutions including rapid prototyping platform and development of cost-efficient hardware solutions.

TT Electronics


TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications including healthcare, aerospace, defence, electrification and automation. Employing 4,800 people worldwide, TT solves electronic challenges for a sustainable world. Products designed and manufactured include sensors, power management and connectivity solutions. TT has design and manufacturing facilities in the UK, North America, Sweden and Asia.

In our Connectivity business we develop IoT solutions that accelerate time to market. From device to data management, we provide an end-to-end IoT framework of hardware, connectivity, infrastructure and user experience. TT supports customers in the telematics, smart home, healthcare and wider industrial IoT sectors.



Vicotee is a IoT solutions provider with the full stack of technology to help you digitally solve your pain points.
We fetch data, analyze data, present data, report problems in our or your Software and Cloud User Interface, and can work side-by-side with or embedded in your current operational systems.

We are experts on IoT battery driven sensors, edge computing and mass deployment of cost effective technology that can notch the world fast forward to a better, more effective, predictive and sustainable future.

We help smart up Cities, Municipalities, Buildings, Utilities, Industry and many more market areas.

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