Start IoT team meets beta testers in Oslo

How to know our users better and get insight into their experience? How to build relationships and solve problems that they have?

These were the questions that we raised in our first UX workshop with 15 Start IoT beta testers from Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø on July 4th, 2017. We gathered a bunch of developers, startups and students in Oslo and asked them to share their experience of using Start IoT – from registering for dev kits on the site to using them in creating demo devices. It was a fun event, with full of energy, lots of good stories and discussions, drawings on the walls, and contact exchanges.

We locked ourselves in a room the next day to define key personas and the jobs-to-be-done, sketched user journeys and made a roadmap for improving the Start IoT offering before going live in late 2017.

Keep tuned! We will arrange more of these workshops, as user feedback is essential for us for making innovating easy for all!

Thanks to all beta testers and our partners Benzin and PlusPoint for making it a success!

Start IoT team


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