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How to get started

Being a member of Start IoT community gives you free access, for up to 10 IoT devices per entity, over a period of 5 years for testing (2017 – 2021). Currently, we offer LoPy devices from Pycom.

As a member, you can also contribute in user forums and engage with the community, learn more about these devices or even showcase your work and build the important connections that IoT technology needs.

Telenor Start IoT offers:

  1.  Physical Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network in Norway (Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø, Molde, Longyearbyen)
  2.  Access to enablement platform Managed IoT Cloud provided by Telenor Connexion
  3.  Development kit
  4.  Networking and learning experience among IoT community members

Find out more by signing up with the Start IoT program – or browse through our sections, and engage with the Start IoT community to learn more.

Do you have a kit?

The Start IoT developer kit has the basic components that you need to connect to the LoRaWAN network of 20 base stations that are currently deployed in Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø, Molde and Longyearbyen.

You may get LoPy devices from Pycom but the network is accessible regardless of the underlying connectivity technology with Telenor Connexion Managed IoT Cloud as the enablement platform.

Register for Start IoT

Are you in need for a Telenor Start IoT developer kit? Tell us more about your project and register for Start IoT!

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Start IoT tutorials have been compiled and curated by our community of IoT developers into learning modules arranged by easy, medium or advanced levels of complexity. You don’t need to have the Start IoT developer kit, but the lessons are based on some of its best use cases.


LoPy and Managed IoT Cloud Quick Start

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Pysense and Pytrack Firmware Upgrade

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Do you have any feedback? Please use the forum for technical support.


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