Supported Devices

Telenor Start IoT is in principle device type agnostic meaning that potentially any type of device can be supported. We are however focusing on IoT devices that use Low Power Wide Area networks and this potentially limits the type of devices it makes sense to use. Currently we support LoRaWAN LPWA connectivity and all devices that follow the LoRaWAN specification with OTAA authentication are supported. Since the Telenor Start IoT enablement platform is built on top of Amazon Web Services IoT (AWS IoT) all devices that can publish to an AWS IoT MQTT topic are also supported. Posting to an AWS IoT MQTT topic requires a network connection and usage of TLS 1.2.

In order to get you started we will ship a limited number of free devices to interested parties. Register your interest here.

The Pycom LoPy is one of the LoRaWAN devices that are supported. You can find detailed information on the LoPy here:

We have also prepared a quick start guide on how to connect it to our enablement platform and you can find this document here:


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