Supported Network Technologies

Telenor Start IoT is designed to be network connectivity agnostic. We currently support LoRaWAN but we are aiming at supporting at least NB-IoT and LTE Cat M1 in the future. Devices with any type of IP based TLS 1.2 Internet connectivity are also supported through usage of  the publish and subscribe methods associated with the underlying AWS IoT MQTT broker.

As part of the Telenor Start IoT initiative Telenor has deployed LoRaWAN networks in Trondheim, Tromsø and Oslo. The maps shows the current installations of LoRaWAN base stations. The red markers indicates stations installed in masts&towers owned by Norkring or Telenor and the blue markers indicates stations installed together with other partners. We will also allow others to install stations in our LoRaWAN network and connect them to the Telenor Start IoT Managed IoT Cloud (MIC) enablement platform.


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