Get started with the FiPy dev kit (JSON/UDP over M1)

Get started with the FiPy dev kit

This tutorial gives brief instructions on how to get started with the FiPy dev kit. This tutorial will send JSON formatted data in a UDP packet over the M1 (LTE Cat M1) network.

You will learn:

  • How to download and install the Atom editor and the Pymakr plugin for Atom
  • How to assemble the dev kit and connect it to the Atom editor
  • How to create a Telenor Start IoT Managed IoT Cloud (MIC) platform account
  • How to register your dev kit in MIC and create payload transformations
  • How to program the dev kit and send data to MIC over Telenor’s excellent 4G LTE IoT Cat M1 network
  • How to view your data in MIC

You can also find a lot of info related to the FiPy on Pycom’s own documentation site: Pycom’s own documentation.

60 min



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