Flash your Nordic Thingy:91 with New Firmware (pre-compiled .hex file)

NB! This code example is for prototyping only. Not for deployment in production. We also strongly recommend that you update the modem firmware as described in tutorial Thingy-modem-firmware-upgrade

This is a continuation of tutorial Nordic Thingy:91 - Get Started, and we strongly recommend completing that before starting this tutorial.

To flash your Thingy:91 you need to install the "Programmer" application in nRF Connect for Desktop. Once installed, open the programmer. At the right hand side you find a panel with all the necessary functionality for flashing your .hex file.

  1. Start by adding the file into the programmer application. You press the “Add HEX file” and select the hex file you would like to flash to your Thingy:91.

  1. Then connect your Thingy:91 to the computer through the USB port. To flash, your Thingy:91 has to be in MCU boot mode. You turn this mode on by holding the top button while turning the Thingy:91 on. Holde the button for 3 seconds after turning on the device.

  2. Select your device in the top left drop-down menu.

  1. Now all you have to do is press the “Write” button on the right hand side panel. A pop-up window appears and you have to press Write in this as well.

  1. The file transfer should start and complete without further steps.

  1. Your Thingy:91 should now be sending to the “Thing” you provisioned in MIC. It might take some seconds, and if it does not work right away we recommend you turn the Thingy:91 off and on again.
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