We are upgrading to TTN/TTI network server: What to do?

We will soon (before 10/3 2018) upgrade our Managed IoT Cloud LoRaWAN network to use a private “The Things Network” (TTN) network server.

We have experienced a lot of instability with the Semtech network server (our current setup) and will therefore switch to a private TTN/TTI network server. Unfortunately this will decouple already existing devices and they will all have to be updated with new dev_eui, app_eui and app_key in order to connect to the new network server.

We are planning to switch as soon as possible but we do want to collect information from our users related to foreseen problems for you as a user when we do this upgrade. Please let us know if you think this upgrade will be a big problem for you and we will try to mitigate your problems as best as we can.

Further down the road we will also have an option to federate with the public crowd sourced TTN network. This would dramatically increase the coverage for the LoRaWAN network. Do you think that would be a good idea?

Post in our forum or respond to startiot@telenor.com if you have concerns related to your usage of Managed IoT Cloud or opinions related to federation with TTN.

When we switch, here is how to migrate your device(s):

  1. In MIC from the list of your devices; select and edit your device and add a 16 byte external ID (preferably the MAC address of your device)
  2. In MIC app board for your device; add widgets for the resources dev_eui, app_eui and app_key
  3. Use the values displayed in the widgets in point 2 in your firmware
  4. Change your firmware according to point 3 and upload new firmware to your device

No further changes are necessary. If you add new devices, follow the same procedure.


Do you have any feedback? Please use the forum for technical support.


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